SCEC endorsed
Caravan Safe

Hide Away Safe Co
the manufacturer

was granted SCEC endorsement
on 7th December 2005

for their range of
high security, light weight
but virtually indestructible portable safes

what is SCEC endorsement

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a committee responsible for the evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian commonwealth government departments, agencies and military.

The Security Equipment Catalogue (SEC) lists protective security equipment tested and endorsed meeting relevant SCEC standards.

Designed to be a reference of suitable components for security managers to choose from for their security applications.

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Caravan Safe certified SCEC endorsed

7th December 2005 the Australian designed, owned and manufactured by Hide Away Safe Co range of high security light weight but virtually indestructible safes was granted SCEC endorsed status.

For use in the highest most stringent security applications within Australian Commonwealth government departments, agencies and military for the secure storage, transfer and carriage of national security classified material.

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why is purchasing a SCEC endorsed security product important to you, the purchaser

Whilst SCEC endorsement may not be a pre-requisite for your decision to purchase the Caravan Safe.

However it does show the level of security the Australian made Caravan Safe is held by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

Offering you high level of user confidence when securing valuables in any location the Caravan Safe is when locked in its docking station.

Caravan Safe being removed from its docking station
Caravan Safe being removed from its docking station

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SCEC endorsed under the following categories

This endorsement was granted after 3 years of deliberation, exhaustive trials and testing by Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

You are purchasing the same high security, light weight safe we have sold throughout Australia and world wide since 1993 and still selling today December 09, 2023.

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Caravan Safe 15 year Australian manufacturer guarantee.

buy today
December 09, 2023

the Australian manufacturer
will guarantee it until

December 09, 2038

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Caravan Safe manufacturer direct special offer

Purchase the worlds only relocatable, high security, light weight, virtually indestructible (made from lexan polycarbonate) Australian designed and manufactured Caravan Safe installed in caravan, motor home, house, apartment, office, factory.

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