Abloy PROTEC lock
drill and pick proof

fitted to each
Caravan Safe

high security lock
individually keyed, keyed alike or master keyed

Caravan Safe fitted with the Abloy PROTEC high security lock

From December 2016 all caravan safes are fitted with the Abloy PROTEC lock including a customised heavy duty cam assembly.

when locked the cam assembly secures the Caravan Safe to the docking station

The cam assembly is fitted to the back of the Abloy PROTEC lock inside the Caravan Safe locking it to its docking station.


Slide the Caravan Safe into the installed docking station, insert the key into the Abloy PROTEC lock, un-lock it, push the rest of the safe in then turn the key 180 degrees this also turns the cam into the slot in the docking station locking the Caravan Safe to the docking station.


Two nickel silver Abloy PROTEC keys. Each pair of keys have their own unique key code included with both PROTEC keys.

Abloy PROTEC (ultra) high security key

we recommend
the purchaser keeps a copy of the key code

Keep in mind this is a high security lock, without the key code you will not be able to have additional keys cut or have another Caravan Safe keyed alike.


With your permission the owner of Hide Away Safe Co will keep a copy of your key code.

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benefits of the Abloy PROTEC lock

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remove the safe from its docking station

Remove the safe from its docking station by inserting the Abloy PROTEC key into the Abloy PROTEC lock then turn the key 180 degrees and pull.

When the safe is about 50mm (2 inches) out of its docking station turn the Abloy PROTEC key 180 degrees in the opposite direction to lock the lid to the safe then, hold the front of the safe to remove it completely from its docking station.

The above procedure is essential when the safe is installed to the floor, upside down such as under a bed or secured vertically to a wall or to the side of a cupboard. This ensures the contents inside the safe cannot accidentally fall out when removing it from its docking station.

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Abloy PROTEC lock available as

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about the Abloy PROTEC lock and key

Abloy PROTEC (ultra) high security key
Abloy PROTEC (ultra) high security key

The Abloy PROTEC lock is a restricted system and additional Abloy PROTEC keys cannot be cut at your local locksmith. The Abloy PROTEC key profile is protected and owned by Hide Away Safe Co, the Australian manufacturer.

Each Abloy PROTEC lock includes a unique key code.

New Abloy PROTEC keys can only be cut by the manufacturers licensed Abloy locksmith and only with your permission with the unique key code included with each safe.

For future key re-orders please write your key code and where you purchased your Caravan Safe eg. direct from name of web site, Melbourne Home Show etc on your original invoice and then keep your invoice somewhere safe.


We need this information if you want to purchase additional Abloy PROTEC keys in the future.

reason for this is

Purchasers use their safe to secure their valuables, we have to, for every purchasers security, ensure the person ordering additional Abloy keys is the owner of the safe the Abloy keys are being purchased for. To order additional Abloy keys please

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